After several years of chilling around online, providing little fashion treats for the next-door-girlfriends, Nhakholiti finally made it to step out of the Sliding world. Since August 2015, Nhakholiti has come to real life with a store located in the heart of Saigon.

Though the store stays quietly in a small alley, we’re sure to surprise you with a rockin’ world inside. At NhaKhoLiti, you can find almost anything from a fabulous choker for your girls night out to a cosy sweater in the middle of summer time - in case you are planning for a get-away to the windy dreamland. And nothing is over 500,000 VNĐ, that’s what we promise.

With over 60% of the products are selectively imported and the rest are carefully crafted by our Team, Nhakholiti takes pride in the ability to cope fast with the most updated trend as well as to cover up every girls’ fashion needs with the most reasonable price.

Have no doubt coming to us for questions or advice upon products or style, there's no such thing could compare to the thrill we have when we know we can help you.