Do you see the ☀️ in the Tangerine 🍊🌿? Sunlight has transformed into a small, juicy globe, just the right size to cup in your hands 🤲🏻. As you hold the Tangerine, you're holding the Sun...

When we taste a tangerine, we're drinking thunderstorms & gentle Spring showers⛈...

Are you ready to eat the Tangerine? Yes!...Oh so carefully, let us peel the spicy , dimpled skin to reveal the sweet treasure within. One by one, enjoy with happy bites. Taste the rain🌧and earth🌏and sun🌝...


Spring is the time to take a walk in the meadow, to the tangerine tree 🍊🌿

Tangerines sparkle on the tree like a hundred little suns ☀️☀️☀️

It's the place where feed more tangerine's lands by the light of the tangerine sun

How sweet it is when peeling the spicy skin to reveal the secret treasure within

Beneath the tree🌳, The sun filters through some cool branches to write the Tangerines Tale 🌻🌱

Hold a sweet tangerine to your cheek, and feel the bright skin like the coolest showers ever

The raindrops nestle in each sweet drop of juice, take a bite just like taste the spring showers 🌧🌈🌱

Thanks to a caring mother, who's passed on the gift of life, bring us this tasty tangerine moment 🍊

Model Size: 

Height: 1m60

Weight: 45 kg

Bust - Waist - Hips: 83 - 60 - 86


FEB 2019