"DO IT HER WAY" is a new category that Nhakholiti want to send you on the occasion of opening this Third Store. In each issue, we will choose a fashion icon that you love, select the best recipe that your Idol wear and turn them into perfect look that you can completely shop at Nhakholiti Store to stay cool more than ever 😎

👍 Vol.1 begins with the Beauty Blog about Taiwanese Fashion and Beauty 💃: Xie Qiqi, also known as Kiki (IG: Kikihsieh), her fancy style promises to bring lots of surprises for your "Back to School" Wardrobe 😉

Welcome to Vol.1 "DO IT KIKI'S WAY" with the whole idea of ​​dress and mix match from Kiki 😋

Suit Day

Sleek and polished, you’ll want to wear a chic suit for all your more formal occasions or for whenever you need a confidence boost.

All in a jacket

All your favorite jacket styles are still standing strong and haven't become passed. And of course, in case you need new jackets to fill in your "back to school wardrobe".


Inspired by Kiki's mix and match, we've taken a liking to going out of our color box and taking monochrome to a whole new level with neutrals color.

All the time favourite plaid

Plaid is one of those seasonless, timeless trends with endless styling possibilities. And thanks to Kiki, learning how to wear plaid is as easy as it gets.

2 is better than 1

Matching two-piece outfits that requires zero effort getting dressed in the morning.

Blazer Chic

The trend shows no signs of slowing down for this cooler season, so go ahead and wear that checked brown blazer with you.

Leopard print

Such a trendy T-shirt with leopard print that steals all attentions!

Yes! To long jacket

Take advantage of the begin of Fall cool temp, try a long cardigan with a matching pair of cool wide leg jeans. It absolutely convinced you.

Wide leg pants

With a cute croptop and a pretty wide leg pants, this look is sure to impress at school and beyond.

Enjoy the maxi

Maxi dresses are actually super comfortable and friendly, and we can't deny this outfit looks incredibly feminine.

The easy dungaree

Effortless and practical, the dungaree not only brings back memories of the ’90s, but also makes getting dressed a seamless task.

Layering the cami dress

Do layering with the cami dress when the go-to-school season comes, unexpected but works.

The fanny pack

An easy-to-wear fanny pack is an essential School accessory for this season, dont you think?


Sep 2018