What to expect in this Style Advice No.22? Special collection for New Year's Eve with RED - Lucky Color, are the girls ready?

Mix & match ideas with the Lucky Color Dress for this new year, where is the Girl you most love with?

How nice it is to wear Red on Casual occasions, let's take a look at our suggestions, just a basic closet with a few "jeans" items, make sure the girls are confident in the street for a minute

"Unique" jeans overalls with straps, a very easy item to wear daily

Casual Red to gently walk around, we suggest 1 sample of cool linen material with feminine detail, see it!

A boom year of classic square collars and drawstring details, let see why this trend is so popular through these Red Casual Looks!

Down to the first day of the year with brilliant red items, New Year Day Red will definitely be an interesting mix & match that girls can't ignore during this Tet holiday!

In this New Year, have the girls prepared this "most-loved" red dress yet?

Still a familiar white shirt, a super cool girl will choose to go with a sexy red velvet skirt, and how about you?

Red with the meaning of luck at the beginning of the year, we introduce a sleek red dress, with V-neck details and feminine bulging hands, hope the girls will like this lovely look

Packing for a trip to "Europe" become easy with woolen clothes and simple jacket, Winter Red will help girls choose lovely clothes and ready to enjoy this great coming holiday

Have you got a "very sweet" Off-shoulder sweater like this ever?

Layering is fun - A spacious sweater is the perfect choice to make a feminine floral dress look more "cool", love this idea, don't you?

3 criteria for 1 "standard" denim jacket:
✔️ "Standard" short
✔️ "Standard" material
✔️ "Standard" form

There are many ways to play a lovely mix with a Mickey Sweater, we choose a basic denim skirt, what do you choose?

Model Size:

Height: 1m60

Weight: 46 kg

Bust - Waist - Hips: 83 - 62 - 93


JAN 2019