Have you felt it already? The temperature rises, warm sun on your skin, sand between your toes and the sound of the beach soothes your ears. This is what summer is all about, and a getaway is very much needed. 
Style Advice #19 "Pack & go" today have rounded up the most versatile pieces to help you feel less stressful about packing light while staying chic. From easy maxi dress to comfy shorts which should always be added to your suitcase. 🌈🌴🍍

Mùa hè và những chuyến đi đầy thú vị đã đến rất gần rồi, hãy để Style Advice #19 "Pack and Go" lần này giúp bạn packing chiếc vali của mình làm sao cho thật gọn nhẹ nhưng vẫn đầy đủ các set đồ mùa hè năng động và xinh xắn nhất. Đừng quên note lại những tips của chúng mình và tận hưởng chuyến hành trình hứa hẹn thật nhiều niềm vui của mình nha 

Never forget to add some of your fav accessories to your belongings: gold earrings, straw bags, straw hats,...

Try monochrome one-piece look with colorful accessories. Wear that patterned scarf if it makes you happy.

Bring pieces, not complete outfits, to maximize the number of looks that your travel wardrobe can yield.

Clothing made from linen is super-lightweight, keeps you cool in hot weather and you can wear it for days on end.

An off-shoulder top with the right fabric is the perfect counterpart to a pair of loose cullottes, don't you think? 

Trust us, this is the trip you'll wear your maxi dress over and over again because of its convenience and comfort.

Pack “Must Have”, Not “Just In Case”. Let's bring your core wardrobe that you wear over-and-over at home.

Summer calls for bold and bright color, don't hesitate to bring a red cami top that you love most.

Spice up your comfy shorts game with summer stripe. 

Save on suitcase space by building outfits with thin layers instead of bulky outerwear.


May 2018