Unlike other clothes, maxi dresses are actually super comfortable and friendly, we can't deny this outfit looks incredibly feminine. A maxi dress doesn't have to be worn exclusively at the beach - it can be given a chic appeal for every occasion.

Style Advice #20 "Maxi Queen" today is the key to knowing why a maxi dress is very much needed in your wardrobe. Whatever your mood, a long maxi dress just feels right.

Nhắc đến mùa hè là nhắc đến những chiếc đầm maxi - mặc dù đã xuất hiện từ lâu nhưng vẫn luôn được nhiều bạn gái yêu thích, hãy cùng Nhà Kho Liti bật mí những lí do khiến chiếc đầm maxi luôn "ăn điểm" trong mắt các chị em chúng mình thông qua Style Advice#20 "Maxi Queen" lần này nhé!

Maxi dresses are so easy to dress up and down by simply swapping accessories: a straw hat, a tote bag or a pair of sandals, ....

Trust me, It is light-weight and feels silky smooth on the skin, making it perfect for travelling or casual wear everyday.

You can throw most maxi dresses in the washing machine and just be fine, those're anti-wrinkling and easy-drying.

This type of maxi dress can be worn to summer trip, to hang out with friends, to dinner parties and really just about anywhere.

Not only are they loose and breezy, but maxi dresses also can block UV rays and protect us from the heat effectively.

A maxi dress is almost as good when it made from natural fabrics and comes in every color imaginable.

A maxi dress is one of those pieces that don’t make you try, pull it on over your head and ready to go!


June 2018