If lunch is your only free time during the day, let's make it count! Stop eating lunch by yourself at your office, instead, getting out and filling your lunch break with the most enjoyable way 😉

It's Monday: Get up, Drink coffee, Be happy. Do great things! Stay positive ☕️

Drop by your favourite Bakery, sometimes happiness is simply the Smell of a Bakery🥐🍩🥖

Good music camls your soul, it takes you to another place, away from your problems ♫ ♫

Spend your break hours with a camera, remember “Don't shoot what it looks like, shoot what it feels like” 📷

Find yourself lost in The Book Street and get immersed in a good book📔

Don't worry! Ice cream will help to solve everything 🍦

It's better to spend 10 minutes getting caught up with the news 📰

All you want is a simple phone call to your beloved before returning to the desk📞💏‍

Model Size: 

Height: 1m60

Weight: 45 kg

Bust - Waist - Hips:  80 - 62 - 90


OCT 2018